Only New Jersey Understands

September 24

This past weekend, I enjoyed time with my wife shopping in the small businesses around the Jersey Shore. OK. She enjoyed it more. I just came along for damage control of our monthly budget! I happened to come across a brand of clothing that marketed a message in a variety of shirts: “Only NJ Understands NJ.” I honestly cannot refute the message. Our state is #3 in property taxes, #3 in income taxes, #1 in estate taxes; the tolls on major highways were just raised and the gas tax was increased. Our state budget exploded by $6 billion in just three years! Public schools have been handed over to left wing post-modern curriculum and our abortion laws continue to reflect China and North Korea – instead of the more life-affirming stance of 80% of the states in America!

In the upcoming fiscal budget, Governor Murphy and the Legislature agreed to give New Jersey families making under $150,000 per year with at least one child a one-time $500 tax rebate, just in time for next year’s reelection campaign. After that, the rebate will no longer exist, but the stronghold of abortion-on-demand and oversexualized public school priorities will be firmly entrenched in our political system. We must win back New Jersey in 2021! In the upcoming weeks, I will share with you our special virtual fundraiser that will help us accomplish that mission.

In the meantime, please be aware of the following:

New Jersey 2021 Fiscal Budget Passed: The upside-down budget that optimistically predicts $4.5 billion in debt will be passed by the Legislature and most likely signed by the Governor on Friday. This is a reckless disregard for our children who must carry this unsustainable financial burden in years ahead. Planned Parenthood once again received their promised grant of $15.7 million to fund abortions in mostly minority neighborhoods for the next nine months. This appalling use of state funds has become a routine business transaction between Governor Murphy and the abortion lobby in our state. The original proposed budget sought to slash $25 million from community colleges while unapologetically underwriting the global abortion giant of Planned Parenthood.

Ballots Received in New Jersey Homes: The vote by mail election is underway in the Garden State. Ballots have already been mailed this week to some precincts. Not surprising, 35,000 mail in ballots were rejected for 18 different reasons in New Jersey’s July 7 primary. Yet the Governor continues to move full speed ahead in hijacking the election process for his own preferred outcome. I have personal friends who moved out of New Jersey earlier this year and registered to vote in their new state of residence. However, they received two official New Jersey general election ballots this week at TWO previous New Jersey addresses – including one from seventeen years ago! Clearly, the voter rolls are outdated and unverified. If the process is broken from the start, can the results in close congressional districts throughout our state be trusted? Please make sure you are registered to vote! I highly recommend you visit our Elections page to find candidates that represent your convictions regarding abortion restrictions and religious freedom protections for people of faith.

Making New Jersey better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy