The pick is in!

September 26


President Trump just announced Amy Coney Barrett as his pick to be the next Supreme Court justice, and this announcement… well, it could change everything!

We believe Judge Barrett is a strong, constitutional juror who will restore the Court, roll back the devastating radical agenda that has permeated the SCOTUS oligarchy, and, we pray, defend the fundamental right to life.

As you know, the radical Left already has their knives out. The attacks that have and will come will be intense – and, they’ll be aimed at making religious views look “extreme” and “disqualifying” to be on the Court.

That’s why we’re mobilizing support and engaging in this election all-the-more. Can you join us by contributing $50, $100, $250, or more today? We’re working to raise $9,650 by September 30th, and your help could make all the difference!

Everything is on the line, and Georgia’s own Heartbeat Bill is essentially on the ballot – with the consequences in federal races and the implications for it in state legislative races.

We need your help!

The coming fight will be intense, and it won’t stop with this appointment. It’ll run all the way through November 3rd and beyond, and we’re committed to leading the charge to #FillTheSeat, Defend our American Values, and Keep Georgia, Georgia!

Ready for the Fight,



Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

P.S. President Trump has delivered on his promises to restore the Court, and the selection of Amy Coney Barrett is another step in fulfilling that promise! Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have pledged to join him. And, this battle is bound to permeate every race across our state. We MUST fill this seat, and we MUST win at the ballot box for LIFE. In time of unprecedented opportunity, join us today with a generous donation to protect the unborn up and down the ballot.


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