BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses P.K. Martin for State Senate

September 29

In Senate District 9, you are represented by a leader of decency, integrity, and commitment. You are represented by a difference maker and a public servant. Please, don’t blow it. Re-elect P.K. Martin!

In an era where most politicians try to be the loudest, the first, or the most newsworthy – whatever it takes to get attention – P.K. Martin is a throwback. He listens. He thinks and ponders. He studies and he learns. He considers the needs of his district, examines an issue, weighs it against what he knows to be right, and then acts with resolute conviction.

At a time where our nation is full of politicians, P.K. Martin is a statesman.

I’ve seen it play out repeatedly. Because P.K. represents a “swing district,” he is always on everyone’s “must talk to list” before every vote. It’s always interesting for me to watch how different elected officials handle being asked to support or oppose a given issue. Some play the game and tell folks what they want to hear. Others are weighing political calculations the whole time and are swayed by whichever forces are more powerful or wealthier.

P.K. Martin is different. P.K. asks questions, and he gathers information. And, once he makes up his mind, he doesn’t turn back – even if political consequences are threatened.

My friends, this is so rare!

I’m consistently impressed with the thoughtfulness, grace, and class P.K. Martin brings to his role as State Senator. I’m also impressed with his fortitude and toughness. The speech he gave in support of the Heartbeat Bill embodied his spirit as a legislator so well. It was loving and it was kind. It was respectful. It was driven by faith. And, he was guided by what he felt was right, not what was politically convenient.

As an Education Chairman, P.K. Martin has been a standout. In just a short time in that role, he’s increased teacher pay, fought for more individualized education for students, and advocated for more training and opportunities in the classroom. The bills he’s sponsored, heard, and supported have been in the best interests of the education stakeholders of our state – students, parents, and educators. In a position that’s long cow-towed to powerful lobbyists, P.K. has put people first.

In P.K. Martin, you have a world class legislator. He gets results, and he brings a great deal of influence. He’s someone who will make you proud in how he votes and leads, and he’s someone who – if you disagree with him – he’ll have given you an opportunity to make your case.

Radical liberals want to take this seat and undermine the character P.K. has brought to this position. Don’t let this happen – they don’t represent you or your community! With Election Day drawing closer and money pouring in to flip this seat, we must roll up our sleeves and get to work. Re-elect Senator P.K. Martin!

Supporting P.K. Martin,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia