BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Cole Christensen for State House of Representatives

October 5

The first thing you notice about Cole Christensen is his energy. He is someone on fire for his beliefs and for making North Dakota laws uphold your biblical values.

Cole has a strong biblical foundation. As he states, “My faith in Jesus Christ is the basis of understanding all things I encounter in this world. My Christian values will be at the forefront of my mind in every situation I face in the legislature.” What better testimony to affirm a candidate who will represent you in Bismarck.

He attends Grace Free Lutheran Church of Valley City, and was homeschooled in a faith environment during his schooling years. He also attended Association Free Lutheran College.

Cole has active political involvement that evidences his faith commitment. He has been active in the pro-life movement and in pro-family causes such as traditional marriage, religious freedom, educational freedom and similar issues for years. Cole is also a member of the Young Republicans, where he can influence policy for a new and upcoming generation of conservatives.

He was born in Jamestown to two loving parents and he has three siblings. Cole grew up in a hardworking rural North Dakota home. He has extensive experience with welding and harvesting and is now part of his family’s business. His parents focus on hard work, entrepreneurship, and conservative Christian values, which primed and turned Cole into the man he is today.

One of the most important endorsements for Cole to this position comes from current District 24 Representative Dan Johnston. Dan states, “Cole believes in and will fight for the traditional values that made our country great. He understands that America’s founding is based on a deep acknowledgement of God and His commandments and that new age revisionism is a threat to both the core family unit and the fabric of our nation’s founding.”

Cole Christensen is someone who Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota heartily endorses. His promise to defend and advance pro-life and pro-family values in our state legislature strongly supports his candidacy for this important position. We believe that he will protect your most deeply held values in our state legislature and we encourage you to elect him to represent District 24 in the House of Representatives.

Supporting Cole Christensen,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


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