BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Soo Hong

October 6

The American Dream. Some can talk about it, but Soo Hong has lived it. And, it’s why she is the perfect candidate to preserve it for all of Gwinnett County.

Frankly, the American Dream is under attack. The idea that every kid can benefit from educational opportunities, that good jobs can provide for our families, that our communities can be safe, and hard work will be rewarded is very much on the ballot.

To protect these core American principles, we’re proud to endorse Soo Hong for State House.

Soo understands the value of hard work, the importance of educational opportunities that fit the unique needs of the child, and the critical need to support our businesses – which allow for thriving families. She’s also a strong advocate for law enforcement and for safe streets.

This vision is not embraced by the current representation of District 102. Currently, the representative is a radical liberal who runs a non-profit that police felt the need to “warn” the community about. We can do better!

Soo Hong is a people first, families first, district first champion whose intellect, dedication, and skill set has her well-positioned to make an impact from Day One. She shares our values, and, unlike the current representation, she has the integrity you can trust.

I have little doubt that, right away, Soo will be a leader of impact in the General Assembly – someone adept at passing legislation, thinking ahead, and moving Georgia forward in a way that protects our status as the #1 state for business AND a state that embraces the American principles and values that have made our nation great.

Last year, we held a rally where I specifically mentioned HD 102 as a key district that needed to be reclaimed by a pro-Georgia candidate. Soo Hong not only shares the values we hoped for, she’s an incredibly accomplished woman that connects with the needs and interests of the district. We could not have asked for a better leader to step forward!

This district is on the line. It could go either way. One direction – doubling down on an ineffective, liberal, and questionable representative – could be disastrous. The other – opting for a change with a leader who understands the district, has the values and capacity to make a difference, and the integrity you can trust – could yield incredible results for Gwinnett County and for Georgia.

Now is the time to work hard and make this happen. Join us in boldly standing with Soo Hong!

Supporting Soo Hong,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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