One candidate stands with YOU. The other calls your values “sick.”

October 9

The last several weeks have definitely clarified the issues surrounding the election. Do you support the rule of law, babies in the womb or even born alive after botched abortions, religious freedom, and school choice? Then your choice for President is extraordinarily clear.

These issues have equally clear distinctions in the race for Senate.

Roger Marshall is committed to standing for life in the womb, standing for the rule of law, and protecting our God-given freedoms to live out our faith.

Barbara Bollier not so much. She refuses to answer questions about whether a baby born alive after a botched abortion even deserves basic life-saving care. As a legislator, she has failed to protect your taxpayer dollars from being abused by the abortion industry. She refuses to stand up for the rule of law and has instead questioned our constitutional process.

She has already questioned whether Amy Coney Barrett can be an impartial justice because of Amy’s deep Catholic faith. During her time in the Kansas legislature, State Senator Bollier called traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs on marriage and family “sick.” She can’t be trusted to protect the values that we cherish.

The message is the same throughout the radical left – you can have your religion but it better stay within the four walls of your church. This is NOT religious freedom but instead an attempt to suppress people of faith.

The issues before us in 2020 are stark. Take the time to educate yourself on the issues and please go vote!

For faith,

Brittany Jones, Esq
Director of Advocacy


P.S. If you still haven’t registered to vote, you have until October 13th to register in Kansas. It’s easy on our website: