Vote like lives depend on it – because they do

October 15

Election time is here, and that means we have some big decisions to make. We need to understand all the issues that can affect our family, our liberties and life itself. Please visit our Elections page to learn which candidates have earned our support!

As there are many practical ways to fulfill the Great Commission, there are various opinions on how to best uplift those born in poverty, care for our environment, and protect our national security. There are, however, four major policy issues that should be a priority for Christians because they directly support or oppose the Biblical family as designed by God in his creative order.

These unifying issues for Christians include the sanctity of life, the definition of family, the right to believe and serve God according to your conscience, and the role of God in our society.

The Bible clearly teaches it is the goodness of God in creation that every child has the right to live and experience the love of a father and a mother. This sounds very basic to our understanding of the human experience. Yet, there are laws introduced or passed each year at both the state and federal level that oppose this Biblical definition of the family structure. The people you elect will either uphold these Biblical values or actively work against them. Your choice will help determine whether the family unit as described by God is dismantled or defended.

Politics is just the art and science of winning an election. Policy is what matters. Presidents, governors, and members of Congress come and go, but the laws they create will impact your family and our nation for decades to come.

In closing, I receive questions each week regarding the best way to vote in New Jersey since Governor Murphy has single-handedly forced everyone to vote by mail. The best option is to complete your ballot and either bring it to your county Board of Elections or drop in one of the designated safe drop boxes around your county. You can find your nearest drop box here.  Mailing your ballot is acceptable but is not the safest and securest method. Please be aware, you cannot vote in person in New Jersey. If you show up to a polling place, you will be handed a paper provisional ballot to be counted later. No one except those with disabilities will be allowed to vote by machine.

Let’s win back New Jersey!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy