A nation where children are mutilated

October 16

Are we going to be a nation that mutilates our children?

That’s the Biden Plan. During a townhall Thursday night, Biden confirmed that he believes that children struggling with their gender identity should be able to mutilate their bodies to conform to their feelings.

He was talking about 8-year-olds. Making a permanent, life-changing decision. One that has no basis in science. One that is on-its-face-absurd.

The idea that a major party candidate for President of the United States is throwing around such a reckless, hateful, and truth-hostile concept is alarming. However, the reality of 8-year-olds making decisions that would irreparably harm their bodies and feed into major psychological consequences is very present and could be on the ballot.

So what can you do to protect children?

  1. VOTE – This issue is on the ballot at the federal level and here in Georgia with the legislative races. Make your voice heard!
  2. SHARE – The horrifying reality that Joe Biden supports the mutilation of children should drive every swing voter away from Biden and the liberal agenda. Make sure your friends, colleagues, and fellow church members understand this barbaric reality!
  3. PRAY – Our children need it now more than ever!
  4. DONATE – We need to make Georgia a safe place for children. Whether it’s protecting children from these life-redefining and biology-defying surgeries or Saving Girls Sports, we are ready to lead the charge to pass child-protecting legislation this session. Please consider donating to help us fight this battle.

Our children deserve better than the Biden Plan. Yes, some kids are suffering. However, it’s our job, as believers, to provide them help and support rather than endorsing mutilation – which will lead to discontentment and major problems throughout the life of the child.

To Protect Children,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Did you know that studies show that the vast majority of children suffering from gender identity issues will re-identify with their biological gender on their own? Putting these children through life-changing surgery is beyond cruel. Protect these children by donating to our policy initiatives today.