BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Erica McCurdy

October 21

When you talk with Erica McCurdy, her energy and passion immediately jump out. It’s so refreshing! And, that’s only part of the reason we enthusiastically endorse her candidacy to be your State Representative.

Erica McCurdy comes from a family of immigrants and military service, and she’s carried traits of love of country and relentless advocacy for her neighbors throughout her life.

With boundless energy, she’s been a leader in business, tireless volunteer, and dedicated mother. Erica’s leadership is rooted in an abiding faith in God and a sincere love for people. She has the character, work ethic, and principles we need to restore our seat back to the people!

She genuinely cares, wholeheartedly serves, and does so with joy. There’s not anything “political” about Erica. She’s 100% authenticity.

Sadly, this joyful, people-centered representation has eluded your district over the last 2 years. Your current representative has built a reputation on far-left ideology, hostility rather than bridge building, and notably characterizing our values as of the “devil.”

You deserve better. You deserve Erica McCurdy.

Erica knows the needs of businesses, the concerns of parents, and the hope of our district for continued growth, freedom, and prosperity. She knows how to get the job done, build consensus, and stand for what’s right.

I’m proud to call Erica a friend. I trust her to put you and your family first, to lift up the entire district, and to never waver on the issues that matter. I pray you’ll join us in supporting her candidacy and spreading the word!

Supporting Erica McCurdy,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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