BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Jay Lin

October 21

The American Dream is such a noble ideal and something that makes our nation truly unique in the course of history. That’s something Jay Lin understands well – he’s lived it!

A first-generation legal immigrant, Jay Lin has built a successful business and is the walking embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit that has made our nation great.

And now, he’s running to put his life experience and expertise to work for us in the State House, and we’re proud to wholeheartedly endorse his campaign.

Jay Lin is a leader who seeks to live out his faith in his business and with community service. Faith isn’t lip service for him – it’s a genuine calling that permeates his desire to serve his neighbor.

He’s smart, and he has the right principles. And, he’s ready to hit the ground running from Day One. Jay Lin is already a trusted voice on Georgia policy, and he serves on the Minority Owned Business Task Force for Governor Kemp!

I cannot think of a better voice for District 50 than Jay Lin. He’ll fight for your values, for your businesses, for your safety and security, and for the diverse needs of your community.

Jay understands what has made Georgia special and an attractive place to come to. While his opponent embraces an agenda aimed at turning Georgia into California, Jay wants to build on our successes and continue to make our state #1 to start a business, find a job, live, work, raise a family, educate your child, or retire.

District 50 deserves better than what it’s received over the last 2 years. Jay Lin gives you a choice that is an absolute home run. With Election Day approaching, it’s imperative that you vote early or on November 3rd, spread the word about Jay, and work to make sure your friends and neighbors cast a vote that will make a difference for your community!

Supporting Jay Lin,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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