BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Marcus Wiedower

October 23

Elections are an opportunity to “hire” someone to work for you and your family. When someone’s doing a good job, you have the opportunity to keep them. And, Marcus Wiedower is doing a great job.

In just two years, Marcus Wiedower has delivered outstanding results for your district. He’s fought for jobs, for safe communities, and for strong families.

Quite simply, Marcus Wiedower is a difference maker.

He supports law enforcement and voted to protect those who protect us. He is a lead advocate for foster care and adoption. He stands for our seniors. He puts students first. And, he is at the tip of the spear in fighting the evil of human trafficking.

Marcus Wiedower is a true public servant. When our state was in a crisis, he voted to cut his own pay. He also voted to increase teacher pay. He does the right thing, and he doesn’t let politics get in the way.

Like many of us, Marcus is a parent. His life isn’t tied up in being an elected official. The reason he serves is because he wants a better community – just like all of us. He’s committed to being part of the solution, and, as you can tell, he has been.

The results speak for themselves. A state that’s #1 to do business. Honest leadership with integrity. A champion for the vulnerable. These are the things Marcus Wiedower brings to the table. All of that will be reversed if you opt to “hire” someone else.

As you vote, the alternative is anti-police, closures, and a Georgia that is unrecognizable. That’s a path that would be devastating.

Marcus Wiedower has the right character, the right principles, and the right motivations to serve. We trust him, and he’s proven to do the right thing. The results have been incredible, and he’s earned your vote.

Supporting Marcus Wiedower,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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