BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Brian Strickland

October 27

When you elect someone to represent you, you want them to be capable, share your values, fight for you, and the be effective doing it.

That’s Brian Strickland in a nutshell.

Brian Strickland is a brilliant legislator who fits his district and cares for its people. He’s studious, effective, and influential. Whether it’s promoting a good idea, halting a bad one, or shaping the debate, Brian Strickland gives Senate District 17 a voice of consequence and significance under the Gold Dome.

As you know, your district is a “swing district” and the radical left is targeting Brian. We cannot let them succeed.

Leading with compassion and the heart of a true representative, Brian is someone who hears every side of an idea, gets opinions, considers the needs of his constituents, and does the right thing. He never wavers on principle, but he doesn’t push his own agenda as a senator – his focus is on you and your family.

What’s being offered as an alternative is someone who doesn’t understand our state or its people and has, instead, mocked them. For her, it is about a radical agenda – one that will transform Georgia into a state reminiscent of the disaster that is California.

This would be a giant step back!

I’m proud to call Brian Strickland a friend, and I’m consistently impressed by his intellect, character, and convictions. He’s done a great job, and he has an incredible vision for the future.

Brian Strickland has earned your vote for re-election. Let’s send him back to the State Senate!

Supporting Brian Strickland,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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