BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Jodi Lott

October 27

Under the Gold Dome, some are easily confused. Lobbyists try to sway you. Powerful officials try to get you to fall in line. There’s rumors and falsehoods that swirl. Issues can be complex.

Jodi Lott, however, sees things with refreshing clarity. She possesses a strong radar for identifying what’s right. She readily identifies hypocrisy, political-speak, and issues that would go against our principles, and she has the courage to reject them. She’s the anti-politician; only doing the right thing matters to Jodi.

In 2018, our state needed to change directions – away from the “status quo” and toward a business perspective, an unashamed conservative philosophy, and people-centered leadership. Long before the rest of the state rallied behind Brian Kemp as just that person, Jodi Lott was one of his biggest advocates.

As I’ve learned, few are better at reading people than Jodi, and she was 100% correct in identifying a real winner in our Governor!

Since his election, Governor Kemp has looked to Jodi Lott as a key ally in the fight to put Georgians First. She carried historic legislation to make healthcare more accessible and affordable and co-sponsored the life-affirming Heartbeat Bill, the bill to save Georgia’s nation-leading dual enrollment program, legislation to give students more educational opportunities, and countless other bills that make our state an even greater place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.

On every key issue, Jodi is at the center of it – doing the right thing, winning others to the cause, and influencing the process.

Jodi Lott is one of the best people I have the opportunity to know. She puts her family first, she embodies integrity, and she serves with class. I never doubt where she’s going to stand on an issue, and she’s been an invaluable force for the Kemp Georgia First Agenda. Not only do you have a strong legislator you can be proud of – you have someone who is positioned to give your district a MAJOR voice under the Gold Dome.

In 2019, Jodi was recognized by the Family Policy Foundation as an incredible Stateswoman. We see that from her every day. It’s an honor to call her a friend and count on her in the fights that shape our state’s future. Please do the rest of Georgia – and yourself – a major favor by re-electing this outstanding leader!

Supporting Jodi Lott,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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