BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Todd Jones

October 27

As a conservative organization, we’re working to reverse the trend of liberals gaining ground in our state. We reject the notion that the way to do that is to moderate and concede on the issues that matter most. Instead, the way to do this is to… be more like Todd Jones.

One of the smartest policy minds in the entire country, Todd Jones is an innovator working to solve challenges for Georgia families and businesses. He understands healthcare and has crafted his own unique program that could deliver big results for real people. Lobbyists and liberals stood in the way. He was undeterred.

Todd’s also fought for education innovations as a leading school choice advocate under the Gold Dome. Lobbyists and liberals stand in the way. He remains undeterred.

The issues discussed around the kitchen table – the one that affect every single family – are the ones that Todd speaks about and leads on with clarity and conviction. He doesn’t sacrifice a single principle, and he fights to deliver results for Georgians. This is how conservatives win – by fighting for values, for freedom, and for the innovative solutions that can build bridges and consensus across partisan lines. That’s why Todd’s influence under the Gold Dome must continue to grow. And, it’s why we need your help to re-elect him.

Beyond his formidable intellect and commitment to innovation, Todd brings a stellar record as a businessman to his role as a legislator. Additionally, he brings integrity and statesmanship, natural leadership, strong faith, and unwavering conservative principles.

In the General Assembly, Todd is a force for your values, and he delivers results. However, the radical Left is seeking to make Forsyth County the next area they hope to turn blue. Don’t let this happen.

You have a legislator that is one of the foremost leaders of impact in the State House, and he’s become a good friend. If Georgia is going to fulfill its utmost potential, Todd Jones figures heavily into that strategy.

Let’s keep one of Georgia’s best and brightest statesmen! Join us to re-elect Representative Todd Jones!

Supporting Todd Jones,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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