we need your help

October 28

Election Day is rapidly approaching – an opportunity to make a bold stance for our nation and for our state and to be, as Christ commanded, salt and light to the world.

As we promised, we have launched an unprecedented campaign advocating for our pro-life, pro-family candidates. We’ve run TV campaigns, digital efforts, and targeted mail for those who stand for life, for freedom, and for faith and family.

Because of the incredibly competitive nature of our state, we’ve gone “all in” all across our state, and, now, we need your help.

We are behind our target budget, and we’re asking you for a contribution to help us fund this massive push. Can you chip in with $50, $100, $250, or more today?

Several of our target races were decided by just a few hundred votes last time, and it will come down to the wire again. Our efforts can make all the difference for these crucial seats.

I hope we can count on your help.

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S.Our state hangs in the balance, and we’re fighting hard to keep it moving in the right direction. However, we cannot do this on our own. Can you stand with us with a generous donation today?