Who Do I Vote For?

October 29

This time of year, I get this question quite a lot. I spend many hours trying to find ways to guide you, our ministry partners, towards those candidates who support pro-life and pro-family values. How can you find those candidates? Here are three quick ways.

  1. Look at who Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming endorsed.We put general election candidates through a rigorous process before endorsing them. While there are never any guarantees, we feel confident that these men and women will uphold your values in the state legislature, particularly if they have a voting record that demonstrates their pro-family stances. The Federal and state legislative candidates we have endorsed for this election include:
    • Cynthia Lummis, United States Senate
    • Liz Cheney, United States House of Representatives
    • Dan Dockstader, SD 16, Wyoming Senate
    • Dave Kinskey, SD 22, Wyoming Senate
    • Tim Salazar, SD 26, Wyoming Senate
    • Brian Boner, SD 2, Wyoming Senate
    • John Kolb, SD 12, Wyoming Senate
    • Chip Nieman, HD 1, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Clarence Styvar, HD 12, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Bill Henderson, HD 41, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • John Winter, HD 28, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Jared Olsen, HD 11, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Don Burkhardt, HD 15, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, HD 50, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Timothy Hallinan, HD 32, Wyoming House of Representatives
    • Chuck Gray, HD 57, Wyoming House of Representatives

Note that if a particular candidate does not show up on this list, they may still be a strong advocate for your biblical beliefs, but are not in a contested race during the general election.

  1. Visit us online at familypolicyalliance.com On our website, we not only have our candidate list, we also have articles and other information for you as you work toward understanding culture.
  2. Email Us.We have your perspective and values in mind when you call and ask for guidance on who to vote for. While we won’t comment on things outside our mission (such as 2ndamendment rights or climate change), we will speak to candidates’ values on subjects we focus on (such as life, sex and gender, and other family policy issues). You can reach us at mailto:Wyoming@familypolicyalliance.com

Exercising your biblical citizenship means voting for candidates that uphold your values. Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming is here to help. Thank you for trusting us with this important task.

For life and family,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director