BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Hubert Owens

November 2

Since 2012, only liberals have even bothered to run to represent House District 93. Hubert Owens is changing that.

You’ve likely met Hubert on the trail. He’s everywhere – committed to making sure voters know that they have a choice. They don’t have to vote for a radical leftist in Dar’shun Kendrick, someone who has taken positions contrary to the interests of the district, contrary to science, and contrary to the values we hold dear.

We’re asking you to use your choice to support Hubert Owens. He stands for leadership, diversity, and accessibility. He stands for lower taxes, less regulation on businesses, supporting law enforcement, ending the evil of human trafficking, and providing educational opportunity for every child.

Hubert Owens is a difference-maker and someone that could make the lives of all people in District 93 better. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

This race, as you know, is uphill, but we are so grateful to Hubert for running an energetic campaign. Now, he needs you to make the difference. If you exercise your voice, spread the word, and share this better option with your friends and neighbors, Hubert Owens can make a big statement on Election Day!

Do your part. Vote Hubert Owens!

Supporting Hubert Owens,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia