What’s next for New Jersey?

November 5

The outcome of this year’s election in New Jersey is still yet to be determined in many key congressional races and the special election in Legislative District 25 with our endorsed candidate State Senator Anthony Bucco*. We must continue to wait as mail in ballots will be counted until Nov 10. After that, the provisional ballots that were filled out at polling places will be counted and cross-checked with mail in ballots to ensure a vote in someone’s name is not counted twice. The state has until Nov 20 to certify the election results.

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey® contacted nearly 50,000 prolife voters in these competitive districts to support the candidate that would protect babies in the womb. Because of your support, we were able to target and motivate people of faith to vote their conscience. Thank you for investing wisely to educate and inform others on each candidate’s position regarding the sanctity of human life. Unfortunately, the latest report tallies have many pro-abortion incumbents leading by a significant percentage.

If the difference in votes remain steady throughout the process, we expect the following outcomes:

  • Congressman Chris Smith * (R) will defeat challenger Stephanie Schmid (D)
  • Congressman Tom Malinowski (D) will defeat challenger State Senator Tom Kean Jr.** (R)
  • Congresswoman Mikie Sherril (D) will defeat challenger Rosemary Becchi ** (R)
  • Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D) will defeat challenger Frank Pallotta ** (R)
  • Senator Cory Booker (D) defeated challenger Rik Mehta * (R)

 *Endorsed candidate
**Preferred candidate

Despite the uncertainties of outcomes, the real battle for the soul and stability of our state is in 2021. We might have old voices heading to Washington, but we need a new vision in Trenton. That new vision should protect life and God’s design for family as the foundation of society—and especially the right of parents to direct their children’s education. Next year, every seat in our state legislature and the governorship is up for grabs.

If parental rights, religious rights, and the right to life is important to you, then join us this Friday night, Nov 6 from 7-9pm for our virtual event Win Back NJ featuring Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. You will hear from parents, pastors, and pro-life advocates about their efforts to Win Back NJ.

Let’s make New Jersey better!

Shawn Hyland
Advocacy Director