keep praying, keep fighting

November 6

Over the course of the evening/morning, Joe Biden took the lead in Georgia. This followed a steady stream of increasing outstanding votes from left-dominated counties that were not tabulated on election night.

Here’s the truth the media doesn’t want you to believe: it ain’t over yet.

My resolve – what I and this organization can control – is to make sure we’re not in this situation again. The reality is that Georgia is, for now, a swing state. That should disgust all of us. It’s a gut check, and we’ve got to get to work.

At the same time, it’s imperative that Christians remain vigilant in prayer as votes continue to be tabulated, and we must keep raising concerns over documented abuse.

For months, the President warned about the rampant challenges with the emphasis on mail-in ballots. This has proven true, and confidence in the system – one that saw reported ballot counts escalate, counts come in across the board almost exclusively for Biden, and reports of lack of compliance with transparency laws – is shaken.

We’ve seen Arizona inexplicably called early, Florida called late, and the media doing everything they can to convince you that Biden has won. As believers, there’s a sense of helplessness as we watch our country potentially transition from a president that has done so much good to a candidate who would usher in so much evil as the result of an election that appears to be questionable.

So what can we do:

  • Georgia has ballots – including 8900 military ballots, which tend to lean Republican – left to count. God is in control of this election! Put it before Him!
  • Everyone needs to stay patient, even if the race gets “called.” This is an unprecedented election – in part because of the way the “game” changed because the Democrats wanted an election conducted primarily by mail. It’s going to take a while to get all the results, and, then, President Trump has every right to exhaust legal action.
  • Our nation has been battered over the last year, and there will be a temptation for folks less committed to the cause to simply resign themselves to whichever winner can be declared the quickest. Don’t be scared to point out the valid concerns and rally the public behind our President, who has fought for us. We need to make certain that every legal vote is counted, and every illegal vote is rejected.
  • As we saw, Arizona was called WAY too early. Biden may end up winning it, but we need to evaluate every piece of news we receive for accuracy. That does swing both ways, too. As Christians we do not want to bear false witness and allege illegal activity where that may not be the case. Evaluate everything you see – both from fake news media sources and from your conservative friend on social media.
  • Fraud occurs. It’s certain that there are cases of fraud in this election. That’s why President Trump has a legal team to evaluate all allegations and to move cases through the system. We need to trust his team to do their job and, if there are instances of fraud that changed this outcome, they will file a claim. Our President is a fighter, and we will quickly learn where erroneous counts may have changed outcomes based on what his attorneys file. He won’t hesitate to point out wrongdoing.
  • The mission of our organization is to transform the culture and forge a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. The closeness of the race here – win or lose – underscores that we are not there yet. We have work to do, my friends.
  • God promises to work in all things for our good. Cling to the Scripture. Trust Him. Now is a great time for the world to see your faith – manifested in your passion to see Him glorified in our culture, your commitment to truth, your resolve to labor for what you believe in, and your unshakeable confidence in the Living King.

These are uncertain times. The next four years under President Trump will/could bring unprecedented prosperity, a restoration of the Constitution, and an appreciation of the values we hold dear. If he loses, we will have an inept, anti-faith, anti-American president-elect. The consequences ahead are severe if we get this wrong.

If we didn’t have our faith in the Lord, we would be truly distressed.

Consider what lies ahead as an opportunity to show your faith. Show your faith in how you view this election – how you pray, engage, and trust in Him. And, show your faith in your resolve to labor for a God-honoring culture.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director