Media Projects Election for Biden; Prayers Needed

November 7

Though the media projected the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden this afternoon, counting, recounting and legal challenges continue in battleground states across the nation. While some of our fellow Americans celebrate, we and many others remain deeply concerned that the integrity of our electoral process is thoroughly investigated and upheld. Prayers for our nation are needed more than ever.

However, if after the counting and legal challenges have run their course, Mr. Biden has won the White House, our prayers will take on even more significance.

It is no secret that this would not be the outcome we at Family Policy Alliance – and many Christians across the country – have hoped and prayed for. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made it clear that they do not value the lives of babies in the womb. They support a radical LGBT ideology that includes helping children undergo major surgeries and hormone suppressants in order to “identify” as the opposite sex. And they do not believe in the same role for parental choice and religious freedom at school that we hold as a standard.

So where does this leave us as the Body of Christ?

The good news is that our role hasn’t changed. We are called to speak Truth and shine the light of Christ in the darkness. The more that our country’s laws do not reflect godly values, the brighter we must shine.

There are two reasons for our hope.

First, God is on the throne. Ultimately, we believe that God will use this season for our good and his glory. We believe that the Lord knows and oversees what happens in the world. We can trust him to bring about good for his people – and to use us to make that happen. As Christians, we are not first Republican or Democrat, but witnesses of Christ’s kingdom to a broken world.

Second, and very importantly, we remember that God has placed us in our country at this time for a reason. Inasmuch as we believe God can bring about good even during a Biden presidency – if that is the ultimate outcome – we also believe that good will come about significantly through the work of his people. There is no avoiding the fact that a Biden presidency will bring policies that not only hurt families and children, but which may even be hostile in some respects to Christianity. It is our duty as Christians to respond both by countering these very harmful policies and by putting forward our own good policies where possible.

What can we expect if former VP Biden has been elected president? Here are just a few things that could be on the horizon:

  • Court-packing. Will a President Biden nominate additional Justices to the Supreme Court (without a vacancy) in order to get more liberal judicial outcomes? While he hasn’t committed to it, our future President has suggested that he may be leaving that option on the table. Court packing could call into question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court – not to mention lead to more liberal outcomes.
  • The Equality Act. This Congressional Act would redefine “sex” for purposes of federal nondiscrimination law, making it not based on biology but on gender identity. It would destroy girls’ sports (allowing males to compete in female sports if they identified as female). It could also result in males being able to use women’s locker rooms and bathrooms.
  • Filibuster. The filibuster has long been an important political tool – but one that Democrats may abolish under the Biden presidency. Without the filibuster, many extreme policies (like the Equality Act) that have been stopped by the Senate could be pushed forward into law.
  • Life-related issues. Biden will support abortion (and may try to undo President Trump’s pro-life protections). One area of special and urgent concern is regulation of the abortion pill. Currently, the federal Food and Drug Administration maintains important regulations on the abortion pill. But those on the Left want to undermine those regulations. If those federal regulations are repealed, in many states there would be little regulation left on the abortion pill.
  • Undoing conservative policies. Biden has said that he will undo some of the conservative Executive Orders of President Trump. For example, when a mom alluded to some of Trump’s policies on sex and gender issues, Biden said he would “eliminate those executive orders, number one.”

In short, if Joe Biden does take the White House, we know that it’s going to be a battle. And we’re ready for it. As Christians, God has called each of us to stand for truth and to represent him well in this world. And here at Family Policy Alliance, we have a unique calling to do that in the public policy sphere throughout the country. Not only will we work to counter policies that hurt the family at the national level, but we’ll continue the heart of our work: transforming policy at the state level. So many decisions – including important decisions about abortion, education, and other family issues – are made at the state level.

So, as we look ahead to 2021, we’re trusting the Lord to guide and direct the work we’ll get to do on behalf of families. As it’s always been, it will be hard work – and we’ll need your help to make it happen.

We have our work cut out for us – and we’re looking forward to seeing how God will move. Will you join us in continuing to pray for our nation – during this time of uncertainty and for whomever ultimately take the oath of office on Inauguration Day?

The Family Policy Alliance Team