Media Doesn’t Decide Elections – keep praying

November 7

The media has rushed to call this election for Joe Biden. However, at this point in time, the only title he holds is former Vice President.

Some of you may have received an email from the national organization that took a position contrary to our current one in Georgia, and we want to provide clarity.

At Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, we want every legal vote counted, every illegal vote rejected, valid claims investigated, and this election to reflect the true will of the people. Right now, we are not there yet.

I will acknowledge that Joe Biden is ahead. It may very well be that he stays that way. If he does, we need pray for him, and commit to opposing him in the countless ways – based on his record and his campaign – that he appears set to violate truth, the Constitution, and our values.

As I said in our email “keep praying, keep fighting,” President Trump is a fighter. He will not keep quiet about any issue that would have led to a different result.

In multiple states – including Georgia – there will be recounts. In multiple states, there are allegations that need to be investigated and suits that have been filed. I believe it’s important for us, as Christians, to decline a rush to judgment in either direction.

We have seen for years how the leftists have attacked Trump’s “legitimacy.” I do not think, if this election does not go our way, that we need to model our actions after theirs. At the same time, we do not need to acquiesce and “give up” simply because they want us to.

There will come a time for all Americans to acknowledge a final result. However, our position at Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is that today is not the time to impose that view on anyone.

Scripture places a value on “waiting” – not a waiting that is lazy but a laborious, hopeful, intense, yet patient “waiting” and trust on the Lord. We “wait” for more clarity. Voters deserve a process that recognizes their intentions. The Trump legal team deserves time to make their case. And, while we cannot ever be dependent on the actions, words, or views of one person, President Trump deserves time to assess various options.

As much as they wish it were the case, the media does not pick our president, and, their declarations – while maybe giving their evaluation of the current state of things – hold no authority.

In the meantime, let the process play out. The words we, in Georgia, wrote yesterday still hold true. And, frankly, as we grow anxious, let us also labor for two US Senate seats where the Lord is also calling us to be faithful.

The eyes of the nation are on Georgia, and we cannot let the country down.

If you have any questions or were confused by any previous communications, please do not hesitate to reach out. We remain steadfast in our support of President Trump, prayerful as this election process continues, and also diligently working on the efforts the Lord is calling us to – including nation-shaping races on our ballot coming up January 5th.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

PS. As the votes are still being counted, we are reminded – as we were in 2018 – that we are a “swing state.” To help us reverse the trend and forge a God-honoring culture, please consider a donation today.