The Senate: A Huge Win and Two Enormous Contests

November 14

This week, we celebrated a huge election victory: prolife Senator Thom Tillis won the North Carolina Senate race. Your support helped Family Policy Alliance reach hundreds of thousands of key North Carolina voters in this tight race with mail, digital ads, and text messages.

To make those resources as effective and efficient as possible, we especially focused our messages on voters who share our values but are inconsistent at actually voting. That seems to have paid off in this very narrow victory!

Your support reached voters with this powerful comparison of the candidates on a life or death issue—would they support protecting the babies who are born alive after an attempted abortion? This powerful mailer reached nearly 200,000 families’ mailboxes, with hundreds of thousands more impressions online.

The North Carolina win comes on the heels of other Election Night Senate victories that, by God’s grace, you helped achieve. Family Policy Alliance invested heavily in key races in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina, plus both races in Georgia. Wins in the first three – and North Carolina – put prolife conservatives on the verge of controlling the U.S. Senate.

The current balance of power in the U.S. Senate is 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats with two races yet to be determined.  Which party controls the U.S. Senate will be decided by runoff elections for  both Georgia Senate races on January 5. Those campaigns are well underway, with early voting set to begin on December 14. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia-endorsed candidate Senator Kelly Loeffler will face Planned Parenthood-endorsed Raphael Warnock. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia -endorsed Senator David Perdue will face Planned Parenthood-endorsed Jon Ossoff.

It’s hard to overstate how critical the two Georgia runoffs are. If the Left can win these two seats, then they will potentially control both chambers of Congress and the White House (depending on the final resolution of the presidency). That could mean radical changes – from ending the filibuster to packing the courts to a host of anti-life and anti-family policies.

Family Policy Alliance is engaged in these Senate races, and what they’ll hear from us is unlike what they’ll get from most other political groups.

We talk about common-sense values issues, like this ad that we showed to voters in one of the Georgia races. The ad reveals how one candidate believes boys should compete in girls’ sports. It received terrific response, with a high percentage of much-needed voters watching it to the end:

THANK YOU for your financial and prayer partnership with Family Policy Alliance as we engaged in key Senate races this election, and as we continue our work in Georgia. The races were narrow, and every voter reached was crucial. If prolife conservatives maintain the majority in the U.S. Senate, know that your help and prayers made that possible!

And we also know the work has just begun. In addition to all the work remaining in Georgia, Family Policy Alliance is gearing up to advocate for life, for families, and for religious freedom in D.C. (regardless of the outcome of the Senate) and as state lawmakers get back to work in January. In many cases, double the work needs to be done to advance our values in 2021 because COVID-19 halted work early across the country in 2020.

Will you consider partnering with us once again to see more victories for life, families, and faith?

As always, Family Policy Alliance pledges to steward your gift to where it is most needed and will make the most difference for our values.



John Paulton
Mobilization Manager