LGBTQ State Mandated Textbook Database Could Not Pass Because Of You!

November 16

Dear Friends,

Late last week, I contacted you to make urgent phone calls to your state senator and twelve key senators to vote NO on S1512. This bill, if it becomes law, would create a “state approved textbook database” and would restrict school boards from purchasing textbooks from any vendor of their choice. They would be legally required to purchase textbooks from companies that publish LGBTQ inclusive material.

Legislative offices were overwhelmed by your calls on Friday and Monday. Staff members communicated to many callers how they had received hundreds of calls within hours! In response to this widespread objection from concerned parents and residents, the bill was pulled from the legislative calendar.

They did not have enough votes to pass it!

I also contacted each senator to let them know their vote would be tracked and used in our voter guide for their 2021 reelection efforts next year. Why? Because I believe school board members and parents in the community should decide which textbooks to purchase, not state bureaucrats empowered by the legislature to remove local control from public education.

By the grace of God, the bill did not pass today but we must remain vigilant and watchful for the next time it may arise.

Thank you for making NJ better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy