COLORADO: Election Positives You May Have Missed

November 19

Conservatives took some lumps in Colorado elections this month, no doubt about it. But there were some encouraging results as well that I want to make sure are on your radar screen.

Besides the high-profile contests, Family Policy Alliance was especially involved in key state Senate races this fall. That’s so important because, since the Democrats took over the Senate in 2018, there has been no firewall to protect us from Gov. Polis’s radical policy agenda.

To be clear, the predictions this year were that Democrats and their abortion allies would gain seats – possibly so many that reclaiming the Senate in future years would be nearly impossible. The reason for those predictions is that the seats up this year tend to be more challenging than the other half that will be up in 2022. Plus, we were still operating under the partisan gerrymandering (district lines) that made the composition of districts very difficult for conservatives.

The Outcome: Family Policy Alliance engaged in seven senate races, winning five. Best of all, the four races we were most focused on all went to the more conservative candidate!

The Impact: With your support, we reached 150,000 households in those districts with a variety of messaging – mailers, digital ads, major texting campaigns and more.

Frankly, we were stunned by the impact, particularly of the digital ads. These fair but hard-hitting comparison ads went viral in several districts. For example, an ad in one of the districts – which focused on the liberal candidate and the push to allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports – was shared more than 2,000 times and reeived literally tens of thousands of supportive comments and reactions. The conservative candidate came from behind to win by just one percent (fewer than 1,000 votes).

The Future: Because of these results, conservatives only need to win back three seats in 2022 to regain control of the Senate. With a better set of seats up then – and with new district lines that are projected to be vastly improved – the prospects are very encouraging.

Until then, if you’re a pro-family conservative in Colorado, get ready to stand strong and take action! The attacks will continue in 2021, and it’s so important that we lovingly but boldly speak the truth on behalf of the babies, the students and the families who are so harmed by the far Left’s agenda in our state.

Yours for a better Colorado,

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager