November 19

Only God knows how often Senator Chuck Schumer has lied over the course of his life, but I imagine it’s quite a lot. However, when he promises to “change America” with Georgia’s Senate races, we should believe him.

Votes are still being counted in the presidential race, and we remain patient and prayerful as this process plays out. However, in the event of an out-of-touch, out-of-his-mind Joe Biden holding the most powerful position in the world, the consequences of giving him a likeminded Senate would be severe.

We lose these races, and here’s just a sampling of what they’ll do:

  • Pack the Supreme Court to erase the constitutional gains there and continue imposing a radical agenda via judicial fiat
  • Reverse pro-student efforts under Secretary DeVos and confirm a radical LGBTQ+ activist, anti-science, anti-truth Education Secretary
  • Convert our military from an elite fighting force to an instrument of imposing liberalism
  • Create a new socialist economy with a Secretary of Labor in the mold of Bernie Sanders (perhaps even Bernie himself!)
  • Mandate the closing of schools, businesses, and churches across the country
  • Pass the utterly insane, nonsensical, and dangerous Equality Act
  • Raise your taxes – making it harder for you to provide for your family

Georgia continues to be the state that attracts the eyes of the nation. Under Nathan Deal, we led the nation in a bad way – with a Governor who bowed the knee to the false lies of the radical left by vetoing religious freedom. The eyes of the nation were on us then, and we failed.

Yet, when the nation was watching Georgia as we looked at the Heartbeat Bill, Governor Kemp and our pro-family movement rose to the occasion – leading the nation to protect life. The same held true as the COVID crisis hit. When other states were clinging to shutdowns and grabbing power, the nation saw our state lead toward openness and freedom.

The nation is watching us again with these Senate races, and they will be watching us when we head into legislative session in January to see how we – as a confirmed “swing state” – approach issues like election transparency, defending religious freedom, protecting children from the radical left, ensuring opportunity for our students, and advancing the ability of every citizen to thrive economically.

Georgia is the nation’s firewall. Can you help us stand strong today? We’re $11,070 short of our goal and your support today will help us oppose the leftist agenda and lead the nation RIGHT.

Our nation – and, frankly, our state – is a pivotal point. We remain prayerful for our President, and we remain committed to whatever the outcome – seizing opportunities with 4 more years or providing the firepower to thwart the most radical and incompetent administration our nation will have ever seen – do our job and fight.

Please stand with us today.

Holding the line,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Money is pouring in from all over the country to make Georgia the state that cedes our nation to radicalism. Let’s Hold the Line and Lead our Nation RIGHT! Help us reach our end-of-month goal of $11,070 TODAY!