Normal – Just a Setting On Your Dryer!

December 3

Notwithstanding the outcomes of some very important lawsuits and recounts in the presidential election – which are still ongoing – it is important to note that Joe Biden has, in recent days, promised a “Return to Normal.” But that begs the question, “what does a Biden ‘normal’ look like and how will it affect Christians?”

One only needs look at the platform comparisons researched by Family Policy Alliance to see that what a Biden presidency considers normal will mean a clash with Christianity because the two are diametrically opposed.

Author Patsy Clairmont made popular a phrase that I often use, “Normal is just a setting on your dryer!” I think you will agree that this is quite true in just about any area of life today.

Kim Kerr, writing for Women in the Window International used this definition of normal to frame an article she wrote: “I wonder if there just might be a more ‘normal’ Christian life than most of us experience in the West? The book of Acts records that the earliest chapters of life for the first Christians included hardship, and yet they experienced great joy! Their daily focus was on sharing the good news of the gospel, while strengthening and encouraging one another in the faith. At the same time, it was quite common for them to be persecuted because of their faith in Jesus. They continued to serve Him, and even to suffer for Him, while still enjoying fellowship with one another. Going against the flow was normal for them and they changed the world!”

Rhode Islanders are facing that same “Book of Acts normal.”  To have a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished will mean going against the flow and Family Policy Alliance is prepared to help you do just that. Your financial support enables us to resource those who share our Christian values from legislators to school committees to parents.

This new resource is one example. It was a joint effort of Family Policy Alliance with Focus on the Family that was 2 years in the making and we want to share it with you today…

Back to School for Parents?
Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family hope the guide will help parents navigate these challenging waters.“Families today face unprecedented challenges at school—from highly sexualized curriculum, to men in their daughters’ locker rooms, to counselors encouraging children that abortion or cross-sex hormones are the right choice, without ever talking to a child’s parent,” said Stephanie Curry, Esq., Policy Manager for Family Policy Alliance.

This New Guide Offers Parents Help and Hope to Face Challenging School Situations. One expert describes it as “the most important book a parent will ever read.” The Guide is available here at no cost:

Please pass it on and consider a generous gift that will be matched and go to our continued efforts here in Rhode Island.


Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island