The Calm Before the Storm

December 3

Thanksgiving is over and now we enter the Christmas season. It seems like a good time to reflect back on 2020, but that’s not where our focus is at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota. Our focus is on the future. What I am talking about is the 2021 North Dakota legislative session.

Senators and representatives are already undertaking orientation and pre-session organizational work, which includes in many cases identifying bills they will sponsor and/or support. The chess pieces are already being put on the board. So, what can we expect this session?

The state budget is always front and center during every legislative session and we have no reason to believe it will be any different this year. But what about bills regarding family values that I know deeply matter to you as well?

As it stands right now, we anticipate that there will be bills on subjects such as protecting unborn children, defending religious liberties, and providing additional resources for families to help educate their children, especially during this time of dealing with COVID-19. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® hopes to play key roles in helping to shape these efforts; we will be hard at work with legislators to advance the bills addressing these issues. There may also be bills addressing human trafficking, child abuse, sanctity of life for the elderly, and other topics. Rest assured, we will be there fighting for your values all the way.

On the other side, there are always bills that our organization challenges by testifying, rallying legislators, calling for your help in contacting your senators and representatives, and more. There will most certainly be at least one bill addressing sexual orientation and gender identity, given that the LGBTQ lobby has been emboldened by the Supreme Court’s finding in the Bostock v. Clayton County case. While that case stated that employers cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, the LGBTQ lobby would like to push even further. There will also most likely be bills on things like abortion expansion and restrictions on religious liberty.

The legislative session will be soon be upon us and we need your help. It takes a lot of resources to do research, draft bill language, testify in hearings, update you and help you engage, and other similar tasks. Won’t you please consider helping us advance your beliefs in the halls of Bismarck this legislative session?  Your support will go a long way in making sure your children and grandchildren grow up in a state based on your biblical values.

Thank you for your continued generosity and prayers. We look forward to representing you and your family in this upcoming legislative session!

Working for you,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director