Protect Your Child in the Classroom

December 4

Earlier this week, we let you know about our brand-new, FREE book for parents: Back to School—for ParentsThis book, which Dr. Michelle Cretella, Executive Director for American College of Pediatricians, called “the most important book a parent will ever read,” is designed to help you understand what’s happening in your child’s school – and do something about it. Each chapter of the book addresses a particular area of the school – the classroom, counselor’s office, school devices, etc.

Wondering what it’s like? Today we’re pleased to offer an abridged excerpt from the “Classroom” chapter. To read more, download your copy of the guide today and share it with friends!

Protecting Your Child in the Classroom

Parent/Community Voices
Parents and concerned citizens in Washington state were upset when legislators passed a “Comprehensive Sex Education” (CSE) bill – and started finding out what was in some approved CSE curriculums. One mother said, “I began reading all these lessons for children as young as five that talked about sexual intercourse, how their private organs worked, and even introduced pornography to really young children.” The parents note that activist groups like Planned Parenthood are behind the push to require all schools to teach sexual education.

What’s Happening With Comprehensive Sex Education. . . 
Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) is a radical “rights-based” sexuality curriculum that is being taught in many public schools, replacing the facts-based sex education of the past. Basic sex education previously promoted abstinence with a focus on biology, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/I) prevention. Today,  well-funded activist non-government organizations, like Planned Parenthood, the Sexuality and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS is a private, activist organization), and Advocates for Youth, are forcing an extremist social and political ideology into our children’s classrooms under the “comprehensive sex education” banner.

It may be a surprise for many parents to learn Planned Parenthood is actually one of the largest writers and distributors of sex education curriculum in the world—a curriculum framework that teaches every child, of any age, has sexual rights, including the right to experience sexual pleasure, no matter what, as long as there is “consent.”

For example, Planned Parenthood materials (that are in many classrooms across the United States) teach:

Sex is always a good decision . . .

. . . no matter what age the child, no matter how risky the sex. . .

. . .no matter how drunk or high the child. . .

. . . And especially without parental involvement!

Be Aware!
How do I recognize Comprehensive Sex Ed in the Classroom?
Not all CSE curriculums will go by this name.  Here are specific examples of content red flags that your school may be teaching radical comprehensive sex education.

CSE Often:
  Sex Education Words We DON’T Like (Red Flagged Words):
  • Teaches Abortion
  • Teaches Contraception & Potentially Promotes Abortifacients
  • Teaches LGBT Sexual Experiences
  • Prohibits Teaching/Stressing Conventional Ideas of Sex,
    Abstinence & Gender Identity
  • Prohibits Stressing Abstinence
  • Requires Sex Ed for Elementary Students

Explanation and examples in the full book!

  • “Age-Appropriate”
  • “Consent Education”
  • “Comprehensive”
  • “Culturally Appropriate,” “Culturally Sensitive, or “Inclusive”
  • “Medically Accurate” or “Scientifically Accurate” 
  • “Safe and Healthy Relationships”

Download the full book to learn why these words are red flags and to get a list of common CSE curriculum to watch for.

Know Your Rights! 

  • Parental Consent:Many states allow a parent to consent to their child taking sex education or health classes. This means you can say “No!” and opt your child out of sex education classes entirely. In addition, if classroom content violates your religious beliefs or rights of conscience, you have the right to opt your child out of specific lessons. Be sure to submit your opt-out to your school officials in writing! Note: Planned Parenthood and other extreme social groups are fierce advocates of eliminating parents from a child’s sexual decision-making, including the consequences of teen sex. These groups want your child to be able to access contraceptives, birth control, STI treatment, and even abortion without your knowledge or consent. Some state laws allow parents to be excluded from these decisions their child may make. See Chart (available in the full guide online)
  • Curriculum Review: You have the federal (and often state) right to request a copy of your child’s school curriculum from your local school board of education. School districts may also post-school curriculums on their websites. School curriculum is usually considered a matter of public record and is required to be released to families, although you may be responsible for copying costs. Take this opportunity to review curriculum for inappropriate content, biased material, or content that contradicts your family’s values. Be prepared to talk with your child about your values and beliefs and what they are being taught.
  • Lesson Plan Review: You have the federally protected right to review teacher lesson plans and examine textbooks and other supplemental materials (like videos, activities, games, etc.). As a courtesy, be sure to give the teacher ample notice you’d like to review their lesson plans or other instructional materials. It is also important to build good relationships with your students’ teachers to make access to content far easier.
  • Observe Class: You have the federally protected right to observe your child’s class. You may need to provide the school notice beforehand.  Some schools are actively seeking parents to sign waivers that they will not observe their child’s classroom. You have the federally protected right to do so, even if you’ve signed a waiver and later change your mind.

 ALSO INCLUDED in the full guide: MORE ways to protect your child, plus resources and tips for talking with your child about sex and related issues!

Want to get the details on what you need to know and what you can do about it? Download our FREE guide today, and be sure to share with friends!


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist