Contact NJ State Senators by Thursday To Protect Kindergarteners From Sexual And Gender Identity Lessons

December 15

Dear Friends,

The NJ State Senate will vote Thursday on a bill that would force schools to teach sexual orientation and gender identity beginning in kindergarten. Please help stop this by contacting your state senator today!

The original draft of the bill required this teaching only in high school health class. It was recently amended to include kindergarten and elementary grades and to place these human sexuality lessons throughout many areas of the curriculum.

Diversity and tolerance should teach people to be respectful of different beliefs and backgrounds based upon their unique experiences and cultures. However, in public schools it is the very opposite. Instead, trainings covered under these types of categories have been used as compulsion to force students to affirm and adopt the sexual beliefs of the state government – against their own religious beliefs. Tragically, students who do not “rethink” and “revise” their religious beliefs are often excluded and disliked by peers and embarrassed by their teachers.

Schools should ensure students know what kind of conduct is unacceptable, like actions that constitute bullying and harassment. Yet, this does not mean the government has a right to impose a sexual framework onto students.

Note: This is different than the LGBT contributions curriculum passed two years ago.

Use our Action Center to contact your state senator and other key legislators, urging them to vote NO on S2781 and A4454 when the bills are voted on by the full Senate on Thursday, Dec. 17.  

  • Also, please call your state senator and these specific legislators, and ask them to vote NO on S2781 and A4454. A phone call to their staff will encourage them to keep NJ public schools inclusive and tolerant of all students by voting NO.


    Senator Chris Brown (R): (609) 677-8266
    Senator Fred Madden (D): (856) 232-6700
    Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D): (856) 547-4800
    Senator Dawn Addiego (D): (609) 654-1498
    Senator Vin Gopal (D): (732) 695-3371
    Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R): (732) 444-1838
    Senator Christopher Bateman (R): (908) 526-3600
    Senator Nicholas Scutari (D): (908) 587-0404
    Senator Ronald Rice (D): (973) 371-5665
    Senator Joseph Lagana (D): (201) 576-9199
    Senator Kristin Corrado (R): (973) 237-1360
    Senator Shirley Turner (D): (609) 323-7239

    Script: My name is _____________. I am calling you in reference to S2781 and A4454. They are scheduled to be voted on this Thursday, Dec. 17. I want to encourage Senator ________ to oppose this bill. It would require schools to teach lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity to kindergarteners. These bills are not about anti-bullying or anti-harassment policies, but instead they impose a sexual belief system upon students that violates their religious beliefs. Parents have the constitutional right to direct the moral upbringing of their children. I urge the Senator to vote NO to make schools a safe and inclusive place for all students.

Please share the link with others. Thank you for spreading the word!


Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy