NJ Senate Passes Bill That Would Sexualize Kindergarten

December 17

Dear Friends,

Today, the New Jersey State Senate approved bill A4454, which if signed into law by Governor Murphy, would mandate sexual and gender identity diversity lessons starting in kindergarten. Senators were made aware before the vote that their decision would be scored and recorded for Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey’s 2021 voter guide that will be sent to 1500 churches and tens of thousands of concerned residents prior to next year’s statewide election campaigns.

Five state senators publicly spoke out against this bill, as they fought to protect your parental rights in education. It would be so helpful if you would  thank them for their bold leadership.

  • Senator Chris Connors (R), Lacey
  • Senator Michael Doherty (R), Washington
  • Senator Jim Holzapfel (R), Brick
  • Senator Joe Pennacchio (R), Parsippany
  • Senator Robert Singer (R), Lakewood

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey hopes Governor Murphy will respect the fundamental religious beliefs of millions of New Jersey citizens by vetoing. Please be on the lookout for a future action alert.

Vote Tally of Senators

26 – Yes
13 – No
1 – Abstain

  • Yes = teach kindergarteners about sexuality and gender identity
  • No = do not teach kindergartners about sexuality and gender identity
Addiego, Dawn Marie (D) – Yes Madden, Fred H., Jr. (D) – Yes
Bateman, Christopher (R) – No O’Scanlon, Declan J., (R) – No
Beach, James (D) – Yes Oroho, Steven V. (R) – No
Brown, Chris A (R) – Yes Pennacchio, Joseph (R) – No
Bucco, Anthony M (R) – No Pou, Nellie – (D) Yes
Cardinale, Gerald (R) – No Rice, Ronald (D) – Yes
Codey, Richard J. (D) – Yes Ruiz, M. Teresa (D) – Yes
Connors, Christopher J. (R) – No Sacco, Nicholas J. (D) – Yes
Corrado, Kristin M. (R) – Abstain Sarlo, Paul A. (D) – Yes
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I. (D) – Yes Scutari, Nicholas P. (D) – Yes
Cryan, Joseph P. (D) – Yes Singer, Robert W. (R) – No
Cunningham, Sandra B. (D) – Yes Singleton, Troy (D) – Yes
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. (D) – Yes Smith, Bob (D) – Yes
Doherty, Michael J. (R) – No Stack, Brian P (D) – Yes
Gill, Nia H. (D) – Yes Sweeney, Stephen M. (D) – Yes
Gopal, Vin (D) – Yes Testa, Michael L., (R) – No
Greenstein, Linda R. (D) – Yes Thompson, Samuel D. (R) – No
Holzapfel, James W. (R) – No Turner, Shirley K. (D) – Yes
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. (R) – No Vitale, Joseph F. (D) – Yes
Lagana, Joseph A. (D) – Yes Weinberg, Loretta (D) – Yes


Please take 30 seconds to thank the five senators, and then share the link with others. Thank you for spreading the word!


Advocacy Director
Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey