they are targeting us

January 19

Just four years ago, we launched Family Policy Alliance of Georgia – seeing that our state was rapidly moving “blue” and that the Church had been weakened greatly. We knew that our vision and strategies were just what the state needed.

As predicted, we’re in a battle for the soul of Georgia. And, as we intended, we have become the tip of the spear that the radical left loves to hate.

We now, without a doubt, have a target on our back. Can you help us fight back with a generous donation of $50, $100, $250 or more today?

When I traveled around the state on the campaign trail, radical leftist groups began to threaten protests because I was speaking. Many of these same groups are attacking us now in their online articles simply because we stand for biblical values.

Days after the election, we received an email threatening to shut down our Facebook account. Thankfully, it remains open.

A phony “democracy” group we suspect of Stacey Abrams ties made false allegations against us and is even lying about what type of organization we are – all because we dared to tell the truth about Raphael Warnock. Their absurd-on-its-face lies underscore how desperate they are.

As the leader of this organization. I’ve grown accustomed to hate mail. Recently one such letter took an interesting tact – casting a curse that I would be a pariah that would be disavowed by my children and grandchildren.

Worst of all, however, liberal trolls are now stalking our team members at the Capitol – posting pictures of me and our staff on social media.

Think we’ve struck a nerve?

Since our launch, we’ve engaged winsomely and out of love for our neighbor. Yet, because we’ve been successful and remain a threat to a leftist takeover, we have a target on our back. We’re committed to being the #1 obstacle to the machinations of those who oppose our values.

The work ahead of us is hard, and we’re attracting attention. Can you help us rise to the challenge with a generous contribution today?

I know many are discouraged after November 3rd and January 5th. However, now is not the time to retreat. It’s the time to fight back. It’s time to understand that our state is very much at risk, and it’s time to go “all in” to save it.

We’re proud to have this target on our backs. We’ve earned it. Now, we’re counting on you to help us keep the distinction of being the foremost organization those who oppose the Gospel love to hate.

Fighting Back,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Liberals that want to take over Georgia know that we stand in their way, and they are eager to attack us in every way they can. We won’t let them win! Can you stand with us in this fight with a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, or greater?