Ask Your Legislators to #SaveGirlsSports

February 9

Does it make sense to you that a girl should have to compete against biological females for positions on girls’ sports teams?

Well of course that makes sense, but as you probably know by now, Joe Biden and the Left is pushing to remove all common-sense distinctions in sports teams. But Kansans are pushing back. Last week, Senator Roger Marshall co-sponsored the Federal Fairness in Women’s Sports bill.

And this week, Senator Renee Erickson introduced the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act in the Kansas legislature. This bill ensures that women have a fair playing field when it comes to athletics. Until the 1970s women had very limited athletic options. Title IX was passed in 1976 to ensure that women would be provided athletic opportunities.

We’ve seen so many advances for women because this important legislation. Title IX of the United States Education Act, which was clearly enacted to protect women, not men. But activists are pushing to undo this.

Fairness in women’s sports ensures that this cannot happen. This bill says that only biological females are allowed to compete in women’s athletic events in Kansas. The reason for this is that no matter how many drugs a biological male takes to suppress his natural hormones, his lung capacity, heart size, and skeletal structure will never be the same as a female. There are inherent biological differences that cannot be artificially changed, and those differences put women at an extreme disadvantage in the long run.

This is a national movement. Idaho passed the first law of its kind last year. And already at least nine other states have introduced these laws this year. Because no matter their political persuasion, people understand that girls should have a level playing field and should not be losing athletic competitions or scholarships to biological men.

Like many of the legislators advocating for this bill, I want to ensure that future generations of girls have the same opportunity to compete on a level playing field like I did. Because of Title IX 2 in every 5 girls plays sports of some kind, as opposed to just 1 in every 27 girls before Title IX’s enactment. If Title IX means anything, athletic opportunities for girls must be protected.

What can you do?

All girls deserve a level playing field when competing in sports. Join with us in our fight to #SaveGirlsSports!

For a level playing field,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy