hope under the Gold Dome if we can keep it

February 11

When you turn on the national news, it’s easy to grow frustrated or face despair. Our president is a wicked man, surrounded by wicked ideologues, and possesses a House and Senate with pervasive wickedness. Yes, it’s sad.

But, here in Georgia, we are – for now – seeing a different story.

It’s easy to make jokes about the Capitol and the politicians that work there. And, yes, there are frustrating things about the way that building operates.

Yet, under the Gold Dome, we’re seeing a lot of good things. Here are just a few:

  • Our bill (HB 212) “Simon’s Law” by Rep. Kasey Carpenter passed the House Judiciary Committee unanimously after hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday. This bill is a pro-life, pro-parental rights bill that requires a doctor to get parental consent before placing a Do Not Resuscitate Order on a minor child – a glaring hole in Georgia code right now.
  • Another FPA of GA endorsed bill, (HB 128) “Gracie’s Law” by Rep. Rick Williams passed the Health and Human Services Committee after a favorable vote on Tuesday. This life affirming bill prevents discrimination against those with physical or mental disabilities from being on the transplant list.
  • After a great press conference last week for (HB 276) “Save Girls Sports” by Rep. Philip Singleton, we had a strong hearing in the Academic Support Education Subcommittee. We fully expect this bill to continue to move and, eventually, become law.
  • FPA of GA endorsed bills (SBs 33 and 34) by Sen. Clint Dixon dealing with Human Trafficking passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Another big priority bill (HB 290) “Right to Visit” by Rep. Ed Setzler” had a phenomenal and inspiring hearing. We had more than a dozen great testimonies, and we were proud to play a role. We expect this bill to move.
  • Maternal Home Bills (HB 257 and SB 116) by Rep. Setzler and Sen. Randy Robertson are now both moving.
  • Moreover, we made progress on legislation to empower homeschool families, enhance school choice, protect vulnerable children, and more.
  • And, it’s also exciting to see, while egregious cuts are destroying state budgets, Georgia’s budget is in great health – and a $1,000 stipend was given to state employees who need it.

We’re actively lobbying, testifying, and strategizing to pass our legislative agenda, and none of this would have been possible if we had not won 80% of the elections we were involved in during 2020. If you want to keep this progress in Georgia, please consider a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, or greater today.

While these gains are encouraging, we don’t have to look far to see where this hope could fade:

  • Georgia liberals continue to show how similar they are to liberals in California and New York. One of the most shocking and absurd statements occurred when one elected representative – speaking on gender – declared “we know according to science that the definition of ‘sex’ is a spectrum.” It was hard not to laugh at such an egregiously unscientific statement.
  • Liberals unanimously voted against protections for businesses – the very businesses that have helped Georgia’s economy continue to thrive.
  • After statewide wins have emboldened them, Georgia liberals tried to pass a resolution praising Stacey Abrams. She continues to loom in the background of everything.

If you want to keep the radical leftists from ever obtaining power, join us! Your support of $50, $100, $250 or more today will help us build and position ourselves to WIN!

We have hope. We’re seeing reasons for hope. And, we’re also seeing regular reminders of why we must continue to fight. I hope you’ll stand with us.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director