no fair fight

February 19

Recently, many of you may have received a mailer from a group called “Fair Fight.” Yes, the same Fair Fight that Stacey Abrams uses as a vehicle to fund her ambition and political agenda.

So why is “Fair Fight” spending now?

Governor Kemp, conservative, common sense legislators, and our organization are working on legislation that affirms what should be a consensus view: a thriving democracy requires ensuring that only eligible voters can cast ballots.

But that’s not the view that Stacey and “Fair Fight” (or, really, UNFair Fight) shares. They want to cheat, and they want to be in power at all costs.

Look, we are not an organization that focuses on the voting process as one of our core issues. Yet, in order to stop those, like Stacey, who labor for a Georgia where God is mocked, religious freedom is eliminated, families are undermined, and life is discarded (and YES that is Stacey’s agenda in a nutshell), we must act.

That’s why we are working alongside our conservative allies to fight for election integrity. So far, we’ve endorsed common sense legislation that:

  • Requires photo ID in order to vote absentee.
  • Eliminates the abuse of mobile voting units.
  • Sets more reasonable timeframes whereby someone must request that they intend to vote absentee.

These bills reduce fraud and restore confidence. Similarly, we’re evaluating legislation that would end shady non-profits’ ability to mail absentee ballot requests, address the use of ballot drop-boxes, end “no-excuse absentee” voting, and more. Contrary to Stacey’s wishes and ambitions, these steps will make it harder to cheat in Georgia.

As you join us in prayer for this battle, please consider a gift of $50, $100, or $250 to help us reach our goal of $2,097.

Quite honestly, Stacey Abrams and “Fair Fight” are lying about what we’re trying to do at the Capitol. They’re lying about the efforts for integrity, and they’re showing how little they truly care about democracy.

Now, I’ve been careful. There has been fraud in every election since the dawn of this nation. There was fraud in the recent elections here in Georgia, and, undoubtedly given the flood of mail in absentee ballots, there was almost certainly more cheating this election cycle across the country in 2020. There have also been numerous false assertions about the sources of that fraud, and I’ve pushed back on those.

But, what is not in dispute is that we have 1) incredibly bad actors in Stacey Abrams, “Fair Fight,” and even our new Senator Raphael Warnock (who is also under investigation) here in Georgia trying to cheat and 2) we have some laws that need to be tightened to prevent them from doing so.

Let’s get it done.

I’m frequently asked what’s being done on this issue. I want to assure that we are engaged, and your elected leaders are also engaged on this issue. Reforms are coming, and we will keep you updated. Again, this is not our primary issue, but it is one we are working on to keep Stacey and her radical agenda from fraudulently imposing her will on the state.

For Integrity,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. We’re working every day at the Capitol to advance issues like the “Right to Visit,” “Simon’s Law,” what’s traditionally been known as the “Tebow Bill,” school choice, “Save Girls Sports,” and more. This session, we’re also trying to promote integrity and oppose the lies Stacey and her out-of-state funded Fair Fight are saying. As you stand with us, please consider a gift of $50, $100, or $250 to help us reach our goal of $2,097.