#SaveGirlsSports passes Senate!

March 19

Wednesday night, the Kansas Senate passed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act 24 to 10 (with 5 abstentions). This is huge victory for girls in Kansas, declaring that their opportunities cannot be stolen by biological males. Kansas is just one of 28 states that are considering this bill this session.

Statesmen alum, Renee Erickson, powerfully spoke from the floor reminding the body of how much progress we have seen in advancing opportunities for women. Since the 1970s women’s participation in competition has increased by over 800%.

Our opposition chose to make false, salacious, and inflammatory accusations against the defenders of women. We appreciate all those who stood in support of this simple, common-sense bill.

Statement from Jessica Steffen, Kansas native & former Division 1 College Athlete who testified on behalf of the Fairness in Women’s Sports in committee:

“I couldn’t be more excited that the Fairness in Women’s Sports bill was passed in the Senate today. This is a wonderful and necessary first step to preserving athletic opportunities for young women across the state of Kansas. It has been an honor to support this bill, out of respect for the generations of women who fought for Title IX and gave me the opportunity to pursue an Ivy League education through high school sports, as well as for the young girls who seek these same opportunities in the future.”

Courts have consistently held that there are differences between men and women that matter in select instances. Athletics is one of those instances. Girls desire a fair playing field. That is all this bill provides. The Senate has now shown their commitment to women’s opportunity to make history in sports in the future.

To every female athlete – this is a declaration that there is a place for you to shoot for the stars in Kansas.

Ad astra per astra,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

P.S. It is now up to the House to stand up for girls! Let them know that you support this bill. It’s easy on our action center.