ACTION ALERT CENTRAL: Protect Life, Children, and the Right to Worship

March 23

I’m going to keep this short. We’re working on a LOT of legislation as we hit the home stretch of this legislative session (today is Day 37 out of 40), but we need your help.

We’ve identified 3 issues where constituent engagement is most needed right now:

  1. TAKE ACTION TO SHOW GEORGIANS VALUE ALL LIFEHB 128 (Gracie’s Law) and HB 212 (Simon’s Law) are being held up in Senate Health committee after passing the Senate unanimously. Gracie’s Law says that no one should be discriminated against from receiving a transplant simply because of a mental or physical disability. That’s easy, right? Simon’s Law says that a doctor must get parental consent to place a DNR order on a minor child. Simple enough? These bills are common sense and life affirming so TAKE ACTION by sending a message to Chairman Ben Watson that these bills deserve a vote!
  2. TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT KIDS FROM OBSCENITYSB 226 addresses a crisis in our schools: obscene materials being made available to children. It does so be ensuring parents have a right to be heard when they have concerns, establishes a process whereby harmful material can be removed, and provides for transparency in the process. The House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee just passed this bill so TAKE ACTION by sending a message to your House member.
  3. TAKE ACTION TO DEFEND RELIGIOUS FREEDOMSB 200 ensures that your right to worship and earn a living isn’t suspended in a pandemic. It protects Georgians who, while blessed by the leadership of our state during this pandemic, watched with great angst at how California, Michigan, and New York went to war against people of faith and entrepreneurs. TAKE ACTION to encourage your House member to make sure this NEVER happens in Georgia.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and action. We could not do what we do without you!

For our values,

Brittany Ellison
Deputy Director