ND Senate Decides to Simply Study Fairness in Girls’ Sports Bill

March 30

Yesterday was disappointing in the fight for the Fairness in Girls’ Sports bill, HB1298, with the North Dakota Senate turning the bill into a Legislative Management study. This would be a study that Legislative Management could choose or not choose to undertake during the interim period between legislative sessions.

That being said, please know that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is not giving up on the fight for fairness in girls’ sports this session. The bill, as amended into a study, now goes into conference committee. That means that the House, who voted overwhelmingly to approve the bill (65-26), will need to reconcile their version of the bill with the version the Senate just passed. However, if the Senate’s “study version” prevails, the earliest possible time for the Fairness in Girls’ Sports bill to be implemented would be August of 2023, and that’s only if it is reintroduced next legislative session, passes the House again, passes the Senate, and is signed by Governor Burgum!

As they say, the story goes on, and we will keep you informed. Please continue to pray for this important bill that affirms common sense and your deeply held values. Thank you!

For North Dakota Girls,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director