Fairness in Girls’ Sports Bill Needs Your Help NOW!

April 12

UPDATE: Moments ago, a House-Senate Conference Committee passed an updated version of the Save Girls’ Sports bill. That means that both the House and Senate will be voting on the bill again very soon. See below for details, and speak up now to your legislators!

Around the country, the Left is forcing female athletes to compete against biological males. Let’s not let that happen to North Dakota girls!

This is a common-sense fairness issue. When biological males are allowed to compete on girls’ sports teams, they frequently rob girls of championships, state records, and scholarship opportunities.

The House passed the original HB1298 bill by an overwhelming margin of 65-26, but the Senate voted to gut the bill and turn it into simply a study. Now, HB1298 has emerged from the conference committee as a bill very similar to what the House passed, which is great news.

Votes on this version of the bill could occur in the House and Senate very soon. Now is the time to contact your Senator and Representatives to protect ND girls, which is easily done through our message center. When you take action, your message will be sent to both your state Senator and two state Representatives – all your legislators at once.

Thank you for your help on this important bill and for protecting our North Dakota girls from discrimination! Please spread the word to others today!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director