Save Our Elections: STOP S1!

April 22

The top priorities of leadership in Congress can be indicated by low bill numbers. In fact, the lower the bill number, the higher priority. So, what is the #1 priority of Democrats in Congress? Taking partisan control of America’s elections.

The Senate’s top priority is S1, the so-called “For the People Act,” (better known as “The Corrupt Politicians Act”). The House recently passed their version of this bill, HR 1, and the Senate recently had a hearing on S1. That means that a vote on the Senate floor could be imminent. Please take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S1!

After all the questioning of recent election results – Democrats in 2016 and Republicans in 2020 – the importance of election accuracy and integrity should be paramount to all Americans.  Unfortunately, Democrats are dramatically undermining that principle with S1.

So just how bad is this 800-page bill? Here are the Top Four Dangers of S1:

  1. S1 Bans State Voter ID Laws
    S1 bans state voter ID laws and allows individuals to vote without an ID. You may need an ID to board any plane, drive a car, purchase a cell phone, buy alcohol, and pick up MLB tickets. But under S1, individuals can vote without an ID to verify their identity.
  2. S1 Encourages Voter Fraud
    S1 prevents officials from verifying voter eligibility and imposes a criminal offense on officials who reject a voter registration application – even if the official believes the individual is ineligible to vote.
  3. S1 Promotes Double Voting
    S1 promotes the sending of absentee ballots without verification and prevents election officials from removing ineligible voters from voter rolls. This allows dangerous double voting scenarios.
  4. S1 Creates a Partisan Federal Elections Commission
    The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is currently composed of six commissioners, no more than three of whom may be affiliated with the same political party. S1 reduces the number to five members to create a partisan commission – assigning significant power to the FEC Chair, who is appointed by the President.

The Left is undermining the integrity of our elections – and the ability of each citizen to engage in the political process of their own government – with this legislation.

But you can help protect the foundations of our nation by stopping this dangerous legislation! Click here to urge your senators to stand for election integrity by OPPOSING S1!


Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs