Just three things

April 30

The legislature begins its final week of work on Monday. And boy do they have a lot of work to do! For people who care about families there are three key topics that the legislature will be discussing over the next seven days that are important.

So I need you to take time to contact your legislators on just three things today:

  1. Save Girls SportsAfter passing Value Them Both at the very beginning of session, protecting girls’ opportunities in sports became our number one priority. This is a national movement and now at least seven states have passed legislation to ensure a level playing field for girls. But our Governor wants to stand in the way of the majority of Kansans, and instead sided with the Biden Administration and radical LGBTQ+ activists.Now is the time for us to ensure that Kansas girls going forward that we had.Now is the time to stand up for Kansas girls!

    Now is the time to tell your legislator to override the Governor’s veto.

    It’s easy on our action center!

  2. Educational FreedomAfter falling just one vote short the last day of the regular session, educational freedom will continue to be a discussion during veto session. The legislature still has to pass a bill that contains school funding. This funding should include policies defining how the budget should be spent. We should be able to ensure that the money going to schools is used in ways that actually help kids learn and excel. Educational options for families is just one of the ways to do that.Ask your legislators to support legislation that will unleash families’ choices as they seek educate their children in a way that best prepares their children for the future! You can find your legislators names and numbers on our action page.
  3. Election IntegrityDo you believe that only the legislature should set election law? Do you believe ballot harvesting (allowing someone else besides the voter to turn in a ballot) should be limited? These are pretty common-sense protections, that thus far, have not been enforceable in law in Kansas. We’ve even had legislators admit on the floor that they have used some questionable election practices.Our nation relies on the integrity of elections for the legitimacy of everything the government does. HB 2183 simply closes some loopholes in our laws so that bad actors cannot exploit them. Governor Kelly, without giving much explanation, vetoed this important law.Reach out to your legislators and ask them to override the Governor’s veto and protect our elections!

These are just three of the topics that that your legislators will be discussing over the next week. Pray for them as they discuss a variety of topics. They need wisdom and insight to lead our state. Pray that God will shape their hearts and that they will choose to make decisions that protect our families and honor God.

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy