So you want to get involved?

May 20

I talk to Kansans all the time who say they want to get involved and do something to help their community. One of the easiest, and quite frankly, most effective ways to get involved is by running for school board.

You might be asking what the school board does? Surprisingly a lot of authority gets delegated to local school boards. A lot of their power expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many COVID protocols were set by the local school board.

Even a lot of the curriculum can be determined by the school board. Things like critical theory or comprehensive sex ed are often allowed into the classroom because of decisions made by the local school board.

Another issue that was highlighted this legislative session – fairness in women’s sports – is currently controlled by the local school.

If you are looking for the chance to impact our culture and to shape kid’s lives, will you consider running for school board in your area? The deadline to file to run with your county election officer is June 1st!


Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy