we have to be honest with ourselves

June 3

Over the weekend, our team will be at the convention in Jekyll Island catching up with supporters and sharing updates on our plans. If you’ll be in attendance too, come find us! We look forward to sharing more.

At the forefront of the discussion will be where the conservative movement goes from here. Whether you are attending in Jekyll or not, I do have some thoughts – honest thoughts – I want to share:

  • We cannot pretend everything is hunky dory. We have to be real and introspective. I appreciated one email I received that begin with “Let’s agree that we have a problem.” The Georgia conservative movement, as a whole, is not as it should be.
  • There’s work ahead. Stacey Abrams is coming. The Left will fight to keep Raphael Warnock. They are going to try to flip the Georgia State House. We have to head into 2022 with our eyes wide open, a strong commitment to fight back, and a great sense of unity.
  • Positivity matters. Voters across Georgia want to know what we stand for – not just what we are against. We must articulate why our values are better for Georgians than what the Left if offering. Almost every speech I hear these days is about what “they” (the other side) believe. What do we believe and how does it positively impact people?
  • Moderating does not work. What’s going to excite Georgians? Issues like Saving Girls Sports, protecting medical freedom, defending students against dangerous indoctrination, advancing religious freedom and the pro-life cause, and providing school choice opportunities. Running to the middle has never proven to be a winning prescription. We’re going to make sure our allies have plenty of opportunities to make bold conservative legislation become law.
  • There are so many people who want to manipulate emotions and lie to you. Look at the record! One statewide candidate pretends he’s a conservative, but he voted against the Heartbeat Bill – TWICE – building on a 3-decade career of being pro-abortion. Many conservatives will be fooled by this career swindler. We cannot trust rhetoric that simply sounds good but is not backed up by action.
  • It’s about far more than Party. As an organization, we’re committed to fighting for values, providing an agenda, convening leaders, and ensuring the right strategies in a way that a political Party never will. Don’t depend on Party labels – partner with those who truly share your values.

We look forward to participating in many of these discussions. Moreover, we look forward to leading the charge as we move forward – providing the strategic legislative agenda for 2022, endorsing and electing pro-family candidates, and transforming our culture.

Georgia has a big need. We’re committed to filling it.

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Come find our table at the Convention! We’ll have a special surprise!