getting personal

June 16


In my last email, I shared a little about my family. Today, I also want to get a little personal.

I want to proudly share that today marks my 10th wedding anniversary.

That’s right. Today marks 10 years since my wife, Spencer agreed to do the unthinkable… spend the rest of her life with me.

What a joy and privilege it has been to share life with her. There’s been no shortage of challenges and plenty of difficulties. Life hasn’t been easy. She’s come along with me as we moved to new places, chased new dreams, and grew a family. I’m not sure that, at any point, I’ve made it easy.

Yet, every step of the way she’s been supportive – even when I told her I had this crazy dream of building a Christian organization in Georgia, which would involve leaving our successful business to come run a non-profit.

I cannot begin to describe the ways she has blessed my life over the last 10 years.

And, that’s what we’re here to defend.

God’s design for family, for marriage, for gender, and for the most pure institution He created is on the line. It’s under siege. It’s not the American “normal” or “ideal” anymore.

So, what’s our response?

Scripture calls us to take action. It calls us to take action for Him – our love of God and what He has made. It also calls us to take action for our neighbor.

Despite how many in popular culture want to portray marriage (as a burden), there is nothing that brings more joy – except for walking with Christ – than the privilege of being married to someone committed to being a godly spouse.

What He has made in the marriage covenant is for our good and for the good of our neighbor. Marriage is for our joy, and it’s worth protecting.

As we prepare to announce some changes in our ministry, there is something that will never change: this organization is about serving the Living King and defending His first institution, the family.

I also want to, selfishly, ask for 2 things in light of my 10-year anniversary:

  1. I want your prayers and accountability. As the head of an organization focused on the family, it’s imperative that I not just talk about it. It’s imperative that I live it and I walk it. I confess to you that I’m a sinner, and my wife will tell you (she’d be HAPPY to tell you) that I’m FAR from perfect. That’s why I’m asking those associated with our ministry and partnering with us to pray that my life and my marriage is pleasing to God and a joy-filled example of the gift God has given us.


  1. Pray for my wife. (Yes, there’s a lot of “cuz she has to deal with me” jokes that can be inserted here). She has sacrificed a lot along the way for this ministry. She does so because of her love for me, love for Jesus, and her passion to see Him glorified. She does so joyously. Yet, while I run around the state doing this work, she’s often doing the more important job – teaching and training our 4 kids. I would just humbly ask that, as you pray for this ministry (which I hope you do), that you pray for her as well. I could not do what I do without her.

I appreciate you allowing me to share this personal point and these requests with you. The greatest thing I ever did was convince my beautiful bride to marry me, and I’m awfully proud that I’ve, somehow, managed to keep her for a full decade 😊

Because Marriage Matters,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director