Keep standing for their rights and yours

June 17

I want to thank the hundreds of people who joined pro-life organizations and speakers from across New Jersey last week in Trenton. Your voice is being heard! Governor Murphy and the pro-abortion legislators assumed the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act would easily pass through committee, quickly receive majority support for a full floor vote in both chambers, and be on the governor’s desk within weeks of the bill being introduced. That was October of 2020. It is now June 2021, and the bill has not received a committee hearing in either the Senate or Assembly.

If Governor Murphy wants to borrow 4 billion dollars even though the state does not need it, the supermajority of his party approves his reckless fiscal management.

If Governor Murphy wants to extend his emergency powers until the end of December 2021, but at the same time officially end the state health emergency in June 2021, the supermajority of his party approves his relentless thirst for unchecked power.

However, if Governor Murphy wants to pass the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act, the supermajority of his party is not on board. Why?

Because it really is the most radical and dangerous abortion law ever introduced in any state!

It specifically says the preborn baby has no rights under state law, and therefore all abortions without restrictions of gestational development – up to the point of birth, will be forever legal in this state. Furthermore, if anyone, including non-residents of the state of New Jersey cannot afford a late term abortion, you will have to pay for it!

That would cause anyone with a conscience to pause and reassess their blind allegiance to their party’s leader’s demand for an unnecessary abortion bill. We are thankful to be working with Democrats for Life to try to convince legislators on both sides of the aisle to not allow this bill to move forward.

On a tragic note, the vote we alerted you to last week did not go our way. The Senate Health Committee voted to erode parental rights: schools will no longer be required to ask for a parent’s consent before administering student surveys regarding their sexual activities and beliefs.

Here are the votes of the Senate Health Committee from last Thursday:

YES vote = I do not believe schools should ask parents for their permission

NO vote = I believe schools should ask parents to actively grant permission

Joseph Vitale, Woodbridge (D) – Chair James Holzapfel, Brick (R)
Fred Madden, Turnersville, (D) – Vice-Chair Holly Schepisi, Westwood (R)
Richard Codey, Livingston (D) Robert Singer, Lakewood (R)
Vin Gopal, Freehold (D)
Joseph Lagana, Paramus (D)


Thank you for the action you took on this issue. We continue to fight for you!

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director