URGENT ALERT: Wichita City Council seeks to impose SOGI

June 18

On Tuesday, at the behest of LGBTQ+ activist organizations, the Wichita City Council tried to quietly impose a sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination law (SOGI) on the people of Wichita.

Across the country we’ve seen these laws used as a sword to go after business owners, teachers, public leaders, and even churches and pastors despite what is claimed at the time of the passage of these laws.

Many who agree with the LGBTQ ideology say there are no real consequences to passing SOGIs. But that just isn’t reality.

Real lives are legitimately harmed by these laws. We’re not talking about hurt feelings. We’re talking about the closing of businesses and ministries who have refused to cave to the ideology. These laws are part of a radical ideology that requires absolute contrition from anyone who disagrees. They leave no room for compromise.

In fact, just yesterday, the Supreme Court rejected the application of a similar ordinance to foster care agencies. Courts in states like Kentucky have rejected the application of these laws to business owners only after years of litigation and lost income. In some states, faithful business owners are still appealing their cases to the Supreme Court.

Mayor Whipple has done nothing to allay the fears of Wichitans by touting the “enforcement” mechanisms that were added to this ordinance. Make no mistake – they intend to use this law against faithful Wichitans through the creation of the Human Rights Commission – similar bodies have systematically gone after everyday citizens in states all over the country. These “enforcement” mechanisms are used to drive believers out of business and ruin their livelihoods.

The councilmembers who voted in favor the ordinance are:

  • Mayor Brandon Whipple
  • Vice Mayor Brandon Johnson
  • Becky Tuttle
  • Cindy Claycomb

Reach out to the councilmembers and let them know to reject this rushed process when they meet for their final consideration on July 6th!

Also please plan to attend the meeting:

Tuesday, July 6th at 9 AM

455​ N Main, 1st Floor

Wichita, KS 67202​

They will bring it up under unfinished business and will give the public an opportunity to speak. Simply raise your hand and kindly share why this ordinance is harmful to you, your family, and the community.

Our families and our city are depending on it!


Jeff Bennett

Executive Director
Fellow Wichitan and business owner