The week ahead

June 27

As we prepare to launch our new effort and new name of our organization, this will be the last email you will receive from this account. Tomorrow, as we start a busy week, I’ll send you an email from our new account. Here’s what lies ahead this week…

Monday, 9:15am – Tune into the Martha Zoller Show to learn more about our efforts to build on what we’ve achieved since we first came to Georgia in 2017. You can listen online here: (HINT: I may be sharing some info about our Launch Gala speaker so if you want a heads up, be sure to listen in!)

Monday, Mid-day – You’ll receive an announcement email from me from our new system and our new email account.

Monday, Afternoon – John Paulton with Family Policy Alliance will send you an email with his thoughts on our new endeavor.Tuesday morning – I’ll share BIG news regarding our largest ever event, our Launch Gala, and our top notch keynote speaker. You won’t want to miss it so make sure to get your ticket or let us know you want to sponsor ASAP!

Wednesday – For those of you in the region, we’ll share news about our next Biblical Citizenship Academy.

Friday – We’ll announce our new political organization, in addition to the education entity.

It’s going to be a great week, and it’s the start of something really special.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director