Wichita – Tell the City Council to Respect Citizen Voices on SOGI Ordinance

July 8

As you may know the Wichita City Council voted 4-3 on Tuesday to allow a sexual orientation & gender identity nondiscriminatiom ordinance to move forward. These type ordinances have been used systemically across the nation as a sword against people of faith.

With the very narrow religious exemptions in the ordinance, people of faith will still be investigated & subjected to heavy fines simply for living out their faith no matter how kind or compassionate they may be.

Now the City Council is trying to slip the second vote through on the consent calendar without time for public comment.

Please reach out today & ask that they allow the public to continue to respectfully comment on this ordinance that will affect all of us. It only takes a moment in our Action Center.

Once again I strongly encourage to engage with Christian love & humility. Please remember that we are called to speak truthfully in love.

We will meet for prayer again before the meeting at 7:30 am, July 13th at City Hall. Please let your pastor & your friends know about what is happening in Wichita.


Jeff Bennett
Executive Director