Jack is fighting for your kids

July 29

Have you had enough with the oversexualization of children in New Jersey schools? Jack Ciattarelli has. He is the Republican gubernatorial candidate taking on Phil Murphy this November. Recently, he has been very public in his opposition to graphic sexual acts being injected into middle school classrooms and transgender ideology persuading 5-year-olds to question their sexuality and gender identity in kindergarten.

Jack took it upon himself to write an editorial in the USA Today/Gannett newspapers across our state. He is challenging the extreme educational standards developed by the current administration. You can read his views here.

“Expecting kindergarteners who can’t even tie their own shoes to grasp the complexity of gender identity and mandating that middle-school students be taught about explicit sexual acts when they are barely teenagers isn’t just extreme. It’s dangerous. It’s also an attempt by Murphy and the state to supplant the role and responsibility of parents.”

Jack Ciattarelli

State media has scrutinized Jack for speaking truth outside of their controlled narrative. A stream of articles was written attempting to call him a liar for suggesting the LGBT curriculum teaches the lessons he alludes to. Not surprisingly, the media got it wrong – again! Additional articles soon followed that accurately documented the Health Class Learning Standards in middle school and diversity lessons in kindergarten that will teach students these topics in the next 1-2 school years.

Get ready for this! Governor Murphy and Garden State Equality won’t defend these lessons! They are ashamed of them. Their rebuttal to Jack is to demean him for speaking to “the Trump base” and “dividing” us. They falsely direct people to LGBTQ “contributions” curriculum in their media interviews and press conferences, while intentionally ignoring the new gender identity lessons in kindergarten and the requirement for 13-year-olds to define oral and anal sex.

Please read the articles below and share them with others. It is encouraging to see Jack Ciattarelli defend parents. It is equally disappointing to see Governor Murphy deceive parents.

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