Garden State Equality is teaching 7-year-old children

August 26

Garden State Equality (GSE) is the statewide advocacy organization that developed a pilot program schools can use to fulfill the LGBT curriculum law. This specific “contribution” law is separate from the new sex ed learning standards, and the recently approved sexual orientation and transgender diversity lessons in kindergarten. This was a requirement for middle and high school classes to share about the “contributions” of those who identify as LGBT. We repeatedly warned parents that the pilot program material far exceeded fact-based historical contributions. However, all of GSE’s downloadable lessons were limited to 6-12th grade.

Until now.

GSE has developed same-sex diversity lessons for 2nd grade. Click here to view their lesson that teaches 7-year-old children that there are no fixed gender characteristics, nothing is morally wrong with same sex relationships, and that they need to reflect on their new thinking regarding family structures. 7-Year-Olds…?

This is completely unconstitutional.  Parents have the right to teach their own moral framework to their children. When the state government imposes a morality that contradicts the values that are taught in the home, it violates the long-established constitutional rights of parents. Please understand, if your ethnic culture or world religion teaches the importance of fathers and mothers, the government schools will tell your young children your family is morally wrong for holding such a view.

It would be a different case if schools taught older students that same sex relationships and marriages exist – but that is not what is happening in our schools. Instead, they impose an ideology with the written intended goal for students to revise and rethink their moral and religious beliefs regarding sex and gender.

For a practical example, it would be allowable to teach Jewish students that pork roll and cheese sandwiches exist. It is unavoidable to see the many roadside signs across our state that promotes them. However, schools cannot teach Jewish students that it is morally good that people eat pork combined with cheese. That is a total violation of their deeply held beliefs about kosher meal requirements.

In the end, diversity and inclusion are banal words repeatedly used with no true meaning or purpose. If students remain faithful to adhere to the practices and teachings of their religion, they will be stigmatized and unaccepted by their peers.

We should teach students to be tolerant of other beliefs, respectful of our differences, and to be kind to their classmates. You must not compel them to adopt new sexual beliefs in contradiction to the deeply held religious beliefs of their families. New Jersey schools must do better.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director