Welcome to ED307!

September 2

Long before we reach adulthood, we learn this simple truth: God made everyone different. We are all unique: our circumstances, our strengths, and our weaknesses often require individualized approaches.

While most see this self-evident truth as children, our education system often fails to recognize this reality. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work! Last year, as parents attempted to navigate through the challenges of our education system—a challenge made even more complex as the response to Covid-19 unfolded – this reality became even clearer.  Every parent wants their children to succeed, but across America we saw that states with educational choice were far better equipped to help families seek the best options for their children.

Sadly, according to EdChoice, 95.1% of Wyoming’s children have no alternative to the public education system. This places Wyoming 50th (dead last) in the nation for school choice, even after many years of work on educational options.

In 1971, my father saw firsthand the effects of the National Education Association on Christian kids in the public school system. He resigned as a public-school principal and started a private school to teach the timeless truths of Christianity and Western civilization.  I am so thankful that I grew up in a home where the classics were loved, history was treated with value, and the sciences were treated with respect. As his son, I am so thankful for his vision and for the wonderful education he and my mother worked so hard to provide.

That is why Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming is happy to partner with schools and families to grow parent-driven and student-centered education. We are excited to welcome you to ED307, an effort to promote religious and private education in homes and schools across the state of Wyoming. We are happy to join with Representative Sue Wilson as we work to bring resources to help current schools and to promote new school opportunities across the state of Wyoming.  This will happen by providing a forum for successful schools to share their best practices, offering online webinars from leading private school experts on good school administration, and watching for legislative roadblocks.  We look forward to a fruitful endeavor this school year and in the years ahead.

Of course, we will continue to stand for what is good and true in the public education system. Our commitment is to stand for truth in every arena. Please consider a donation to the Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming as we stand for our children!

For Truth,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director